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Warnings in logs
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What does the Warning sign near the Integration name mean?

The Warning sign is an indicator that there is a data conflict within the Integration. This conflict is not significant enough to stop the sync process, but it may require your attention.

Why does the Warning sign appear?

  • PSA Integration:

    Warning can indicate issues with Warranty sync or Configurations sync.
    Click Details to see exact items with conflict:

Inside the detailed log you can find more information:


In this example when system makes sync back Warranty data to PSA, then PSA responses that can't overwrite the data because one of required in PSA fields is missing. So "sync back" was successful for 169 assets from 170.

  • Warranty Integration:

    Warning sign can indicate that:

    • system couldn't find the match by serial number on official warranty source

    • system has found duplicate serial number.


In this example we have used test data, so the system couldn't find these numbers on Manufacturers' portal. If you get this warning, you should recheck serial number.

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