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IT Glue Data Installation Instructions
IT Glue Data Installation Instructions
Updated over a week ago
  1. Navigate to your IT Glue, create a token for Connection:

    1. Admin - Settings - Tab "API Keys" - Add new:
      Enter name "SO" and click "Generate API Ke, copy key:

  2. Navigate to SO and Add Integration:

    1. Settings - Integrations - Add Integration - IT Glue Data

    2. Input token key (from the previous step)

    3. Click Add Integration.

  3. Map Companies:

    1. Import companies - Map - Save mapping

  4. Enable Flexible Assets sync:

    1. click checkbox to enable

    2. Select Flexible assets to import ("Import" checkbox)

    3. Select fields for selected flexible assets to sync (button "Select") - mark fields to sync in a popup, click save.

    4. Click Import to bring data into a system.

  5. Setup data in settings if needed:

    1. Settings - Flexible assets:

  6. Enable Flexible Assets Module:

    1. Settings - General - Modules - Flexible assets

  7. See data in Module "Flexible assets".

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