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Sync regularity rules for PSA Integrations
Sync regularity rules for PSA Integrations

This article outlines the sync regularity rules and options available to manage your data synchronization effectively.

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Scheduled Nightly Syncs

Our system is designed to perform data synchronization on a nightly basis. This regular schedule ensures that your data is up-to-date without requiring any manual intervention. The nightly sync process is automatic, leveraging our robust infrastructure to ensure consistency and reliability in data updating.

Force Sync Option

In addition to the scheduled nightly syncs, we provide a "Force Sync" option for times when immediate data synchronization is necessary. Here's how it works:

  • Immediate Queue Addition: When you select "Force Sync," your request is immediately added to our sync queue. This priority handling ensures that your data is scheduled for synchronization as soon as possible.

  • Background execution: Our system allows you to continue working on other tasks without waiting for the sync to complete. This means you can leave the page and proceed with your work, assured that the sync process is underway.

  • No Direct Notification: While we do not send direct notifications upon the completion of a forced sync, this decision is made to keep your workflow uninterrupted.

  • Log Verification: You can verify the completion and details of the sync by checking the logs. This self-service feature provides transparency and control, allowing you to confirm that your data has been synchronized as requested.

Performance-Dependent Duration: The time it takes for a "Force Sync" to complete is generally minimal, though it can vary depending on our server's current performance. Rest assured, our systems are optimized to handle these requests efficiently, ensuring quick turnaround times.

What Data Do We Sync and Update

Our synchronization process covers a broad spectrum of your business data to ensure comprehensive integration. The data we sync and update includes:

  • Company: Name, website

  • Company Status: Name, Is Default property

  • Company Sites: Name, active status, primary status, address

  • Asset: Asset status, asset type, purchase date, warranty expiration date, serial number, OS type, notes, name, manufacturer, and custom asset fields if user selected it when setup

  • Contact: Name, type, title, email, phone, address, status, and custom fields if selected

  • Tickets: Sync in real time

This extensive data synchronization ensures that your PSA integration is as informative and up-to-date as possible, facilitating smooth operations and enhanced management capabilities.

Tickets Sync

Currently, we provide Tickets integration exclusively for PSA ConnectWise.

Integration for Autotask, Syncro, Kaseya, and Halo is on the horizon.

Our system syncs Tickets into a module "on the fly," without storing the tickets in our database.

We save only the necessary minimum during setup, such as service boards, priorities, and statuses, which we update during the regular nightly sync.

However, the tickets themselves do not sync each night—they come in real-time.

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