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Office 365 Installation Instructions
Office 365 Installation Instructions
Updated over a week ago
  1. Tenant ID

    1. Azure Portal - Go to:

    2. Entra ID - Find Microsoft Entra ID using search or left navigation menu:

    3. Tenant ID - Copy tenant ID

  2. Connect Strategy Overview to Office 365

    1. Log into SO - ​Log into (Note the initial connection does not work if logged in with your branded domain)

    2. Office 365 Integration - Settings > Integrations > Add Integration > Office 365

    3. Connect - Connect company by clicking Connect near the company > Input Tenant ID

    4. Grant access - Select User in Microsoft sign in popup and Grant Access to this tenant (select user with Admin access which belongs to Client's tenant)​

    5. Grant API Consent in Entra ID Portal - Azure Portal > Enterprise applications > Strategy Overview API - Properties - Blue button "Grant admin consent"

    6. All clients - Repeat these actions for each company you want to sync.

  3. Force Sync
    Click force sync. The data will come in a few minutes. You can check the results in the logs

  4. Add part

    You can use Office 365 Module to see all data in one place or you can Add a Part to your template to see data in report part:

    1. Add Part - Settings > Templates > Open Template > Parts > List > Add part

    2. Label - Office 365

    3. Type - Office 365

    4. Icon - Windows

    5. Save

    6. Apply - Click the green button - Apply part settings to all drafts

  5. Customize Columns
    Go to the report and open Office 365 part and rearrange the columns to make the report work for you. Here is the ideal layout we recommend (Please note that is from our concept environment and some columns are not available yet at launch)

  6. Feedback
    Please submit feedback using the chat in the bottom right corner. We would love to hear what you think and what new Azure/Office365 reports you want us to add

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