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What "Presentation / Display settings" mean
What "Presentation / Display settings" mean
Updated over a week ago

Report --> "Report Settings" button --> "Presentation / Display settings" checkboxes:

  • Logo - Check to see your MSP logo at the top of the report. You can change logo under Settings - General - Company information.

    You can un-check it if you use Coverpage.

  • Title - Check it to see the report title:

    • at the first page of your report (or at the next page after Cover Page) - for Display mode,

    • at the top of every part - for Presentation mode.
      You can change Report title under Templates - Settings - Report settings - Report name.

  • Information - Check it to see the Information bar with Company name, Prepared By User name, Total health level and Report date at the top of your report.

  • Health score - Check it to see Group health score level near item group names in Assessment and Assets part.

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