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How to create multiple reports in one action
How to create multiple reports in one action
Updated over a week ago

  1. Click "Add report to a company" (Page icon) next to any Company in the Companies module.

  2. Fill in the data in the "Add new report" form:

    1. Target template (your default template will be chosen, but you can chose another one).

    2. Create multiple reports - Use toggle button.

    3. Report date - all your new reports will be the same date.

    4. User type (select what user will be chosen at the top of all new reports).

  3. Filters area (helps sort the table below in case you have a big companies list).

  4. Companies table - mark with a checkboxes the companies to add a new report.

  5. "Migrate data from other template" :

    1. leave unselect if you want close previous report and open the new one within the same template.

    2. chose "ON" if you want to transfer assessment data from another template (only assessment tab will be transferred! All the other parts will be taken from Target template).

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