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How Stack module works
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1. Page description

The stack module shows common aggregated information from all the companies.

  • Only information from last complete report is taken (assessment part).

  • Manually added groups are not shown.

This feature allows you to quickly see the problem areas of serviced companies in a convenient visual form.

By clicking on one of the items, the user can see a more detailed breakdown of the indicator: from which companies the data is taken, what budgets are included etc.

2. Page visibility:

Page is visible for administrators and for some users depend of user settings (User settings - Modules)


You can user filters at the top to manage you data.

4. Content

Each row - the name of Assessment item group.

The first row is always “ALL”, the other can be changed (depends on templates, completed reports and custom user’s changes).

5. Item group row - expanded view

The item group row consists of 3 zones:

1st - Item group name - from template (If you change it in the template, the name will be changed in the module )

2nd - line chart - the system calculates the percentage of the frequency of the exposed grades

3rd - years and budgets (aggregated) system shows the plan years and plan budget according to the last completed reports.
4th - hidden content with pie charts - system shows the pie charts for every item from the group. The system builds a pie chart based on the weighted average number of marked grade values, similar to how a line chart is built above.

6. Click on pie-chart

By click on pie chart’s segments system opens the additional window (on the right) with detailed information about companies, which were included into selected groups:

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