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Add users and resent invitation
Add users and resent invitation
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Add users under your MSP account

1. Go to users settings

Settings - Users

2. Click "Add user", fill in the form:

  • Email *

  • First name *

  • Last name*

  • Position (not required)

  • Phone (not required)

  • Default template* (system will select default template from user who have added new user in this field )

  • Role* (see the table with roles matrix below this field)

  • Role permissions (This is the company groups to setup user access. Not chosen means "All" groups, even those which will be added later).

  • Allow all companies from selected groups (select if you want to enable access for all companies, or use the next field to setup access to specific groups).

  • Companies - select companies from chosen groups to give an access (user will see only chosen companies).

  • Templates (chose templates to give access)

  • Modules (mark modules new user will see. Pay attention, field is not required, means your user will not see any modules except "User profile" option unless you enable other modules).

3. Click "Add user"
System will sent an invitation to specified email.

Resent Invitation Email

1. Go to users settings

Settings - Users

2. Select user / users using checkboxes

3. Click "Resent Invitation Email" button

System check if any emails not confirmed and re-sent invite. System shows the message "Invitations were sent successfully".

If all emails selected confirmed, the system shows the message "This user email is already confirmed."

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