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Meet new Cover Page Report Part
Meet new Cover Page Report Part
Updated over a week ago

We keep enhancing our part engine with cool new features!

Now you can add stylish covers with your own design to all draft reports in a couple of clicks:

  1. Open Template Parts

    1. Settings>Templates>Open template >Parts >List

  2. Add cover Page Part
    Add a new custom part with "Cover Page" type, change the order using drag and drop if needed (the number of Cover Pages is not limited).

    1. Go to the part template using "Configure part" icon or clicking the new tab (a new part will appear as a new tab). Change the part content.

  3. Design your part
    Please design your cover page as you see fit. Here is the cover page we use for our MSP

  4. Apply to drafts

    1. Click Apply changes to all drafts to apply the template to all active drafts

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