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Create embed part

You can embed external content to your report

Updated over a week ago

You can bring in elements from other apps into a "Embed content" part. (Brightgauge Dashboard, Lucid Chart, Office 365 Document, etc)

  1. Create a new part for new embed

    1. Go to the report setting on your draft using "Report settings" button:

    2. OR go to the template parts settings using
      Settings -> Template -> Parts > List.

  2. Add new custom embed content part

    1. From report parts settings:

      1. Use the “Current report setting” tab - if you want apply changes only to current report, click "Add custom part" button.

      2. Use the “Template settings” tab and “Apply to all draft” option - if you want to add you new part to the all drafts, click "Add custom part" button.

    2. From Template parts settings:
      Use "Add part" under "List" tab.

  3. Fill in the name, icon and type of the part

    • Label

    • Type - embed content

    • Icon - choose from dropdown

    • Checkboxes for views

  4. Create embed link for your data

    Usually you can use the menu “File - embed - i-frame” or “Share - link - embed” etc. :

  5. Make sure your users have access to the file

    Otherwise you will be the only one who can see the changes

  6. Paste your link in front of company name

  7. Save changes and see the result

By the way, you can also add embed into text editor (Executive summary or Custom text part). Just paste your link using insert media option:

Embed for text part:

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