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Enable Sites/Client Locations
Updated over a week ago

You can now create different sites per client under Company settings. If you have the Connectwise Manage Integration enabled sites will sync automatically from CW.

To enable sites on a template please follow these steps:

  1. Open Template
    Go to Settings>Templates>Open your template> Parts Tab > Assessment tab>Columns Tab

  2. Add Sites Column
    Add Column

    1. Column name: Location

    2. Label: Location

    3. Column Type: CompanySite

    4. Active: Check

    5. Build mode: Check

    6. Export to excel: Uncheck

    7. Assessment: Check

    8. Roadmap: Uncheck

    9. Budget: Uncheck

  3. Use Sites on Report
    On a report Assessment, Roadmap and Budget you can now set certain items to different sites and group items by site using the toggle next to the filters. To create different items for different sites there are two options

    1. If you do multi site budgeting on only a few clients, you can create a Manual Group and Item on a report. For example a second group called "Network - Second Site" location and then make all those items under it part of the second site.

    2. If you do multi site budgeting on many clients, you can consider adding a group and items to the template and make it "Hidden" by default. For example make a group "Network - Second Site" and then add items for the secondary network there like "Firewall" "Switches" etc. Then when you do a report for clients with multi site you can use the group and when you do a report for clients without the second site you can leave it hidden and even make it disappear with filters.

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