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8 ways to start your vCIO process!
8 ways to start your vCIO process!

Follow these 8 tips to get started today not tomorrow.

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  1. Pick a champion, pick a vCIO Tool and schedule your onboarding!
    - Pick a champion in your company to lead this process and make it their quarterly goal!
    - Every key process needs a tool to streamline it. Go get a free account at And unless you know exactly what you are doing, you should an onboarding to maximize your investment. Then hit the ground running!
    - Schedule your free onboarding here.

  2. Rank clients by groups A, B and C
    - A being your most important clients that would appreciate the strategy process the most. B are clients that need technology to function. Cs are those that ones care about technology and are clients you should minimize or retire.
    - Pick 5 clients from your A list and make that the first quarter goal. Second quarter do all As. Third quarter do all Bs. Forth quarter do all Cs. Or many MSPs have been more ambitious and moved on all clients in 1-2 quarters!
    - All new clients should go into the vCIO process during onboarding
    - If you have a meeting scheduled already, do a 1st report for a client outside of the schedule

  3. Use our template
    Don’t spend too much time making your own template. Just use the one we provide. We spent hundreds of hours working on it and have used it for 100s of QBRs. It is a 10 year old mature list of items EVERY business should pay attention to. Don't let the template delay you!

  4. Automate scheduling
    If doing our full scheduling automation is too hard right now, just setup a one user with and send emails manually for the first round. You can automate the scheduling later on. Or just manually email your first 5 clients to schedule the TSM. That's how we started at our MSP. Just START!

  5. Progress not perfection
    Don’t be focused on perfection with the template or report. The overview report is a living document. Explain that to clients and just start. Over time the overviews will get accurate.

  6. Fill it out live
    Bring your laptop to the TSM/QBR and fill out the report and make changes during the meeting. Or just call the client and ask them as many questions as you can and fill it out live.

  7.  Run the vCIO process on your MSP like you would a client!
    You MSP is just another business. Run Strategy Overview on yourself to drive evolution, remove business risks and close security holes!

    Just get started! The longer you wait the more revenue you are missing, the more your clients are not getting the full value of your Managed Services and the more risks you are liable to manage. There will always be a reason to not start. Strategy Overview makes it super easy to start. You can have your first report generated in 5-10 minutes!


  1. Champion - Pick champion and make a quarterly company goal to start vCIO process with Strategy Overview

  2. Export - Export all managed clients into spreadsheet and rank A, B and C

  3. Upgrade - Update strategy overview to proper subscription (Settings>Subscription Plans)

  4. Import - Import all managed clients who will be part of vCIO process (Settings>Company)

  5. Identify - Identify client TSM/QBR schedule targets (Reports>Schedule)

  6. Settings - Tweak all settings in app (Settings. Follow this guide)

  7. Template - Go through template once and make quick changes

  8. vCIO Board - Create your vCIO board in your PSA (If you don't have one)

  9. Scheduling app - Create Calendly account and configure vCIO team links (If you don't have one)

  10. Ticket Templates - Create ticket templates for all clients and send first round of invites

  11. Onboarding Documentation - Update onboarding documentation to do a Strategy Overview report and make a ticket template for TSM/QBR schedule during onboarding.

  12. Start - Start making Strategy Overviews for your A clients proactively.

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