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Technology Checkup - Template
Technology Checkup - Template

This template is used by your Network Admins to do internal checkups on your client's network for things our RMMs can't alert on.

Updated over a week ago


  • Please use the attached template to do quarterly technology checkups on your stack. These 70+ points have been all items that have caused outages in our client networks and are ripe for automation.

  • Please note this template is new and there are probably some other elements that need to be watched.

Excel Template Logic

  • Use the excel version of the template to do mass edits easier

  • The first 4 columns of the template are the groups

  • For default grades please put the following value. (These values are case sensitive and should be spelled exactly)
    Gold Star
    In Progress

  • For "Markets to show" column, you can either pick "All" or a specific vertical market. Whatever markets you put in there must match to your markets in Settings

  • Using the semicolon to separate items under Status, Risk, Solution and Budget creates a new drop down option when you fill out the report. 

  • Limit variables to around 10

  • The best practice is to not spend a lot of time in excel. Its only useful for one big edit. We spent 100s of hours on these templates. Every item on that list is something that our MSP dealt with and caused us to add it. You can always edit things on the fly over time in the software.

  • Currently there is no template to template migration. It is coming in the future. For now we recommend only having one type of template in the system and just making edits to it. 

  • You can import a template on top of a template. Any new Groups or Items will be added. Existing Groups or Items will not be changed or affected at all. 

  • Please send suggestions for other things to watch to [email protected]


  • Settings > Templates

    Template Name
    - You should put the template name and the version here. Template Description - This is how you would describe this template
    Report Name
    - This is what shows up at the top of the PDFs that you generate for your clients.
    - This checkbox controls which template will be the first one to create and what drives the Dashboard/forecasts.
    Create template -
    Once you create it, you can select it on the left to edit.

Download the latest template

Download samples Technology Checkup PDF


1.2 - 1/24/2018

  • Added "Needs ticket" under budget for all

  • Added "Accounting software backups" under Strategies

  • Added "Line of business application backups" under Strategies

1.1 - 1/1/2018

  • Template is created

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